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Azhar Mubarak enterprises:
Was founded in 1995 to provide high quality leather products. It’s located in Karachi City, Pakistan, which is about half an hour drive away from Jinnah International Airport .

Main Business
Our main line of business is manufacturing and exporting all types of leather gloves, crust leather & finish leather to the importers and distributors all over the world. With 25 years of experience in this field, our company has become a leading supplier in the gloves and leather industry in Pakistan and enjoys tremendous success as an independent manufacturing company.

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Leather Quality Test Section:

The area comprises of 10 talented people who distinctly check and sort the leather pieces to be utilized within the making of gloves.

Cutting Section:

Consists of 50 talented people who recheck and cut the leather by hand and die cutting machines with a least wastage.

Sewing Section:

We have 100 sewing machines, which run in full swing eight hours a day-six days  a week. The workers are so talented; out of 100 each individual every day fastens 50 sets of gloves precisely of any specific plan and estimate. We utilize fire safe string, which increments the glove’s flame resistant properties other than conferring quantity & quality. Especially for fire battling people & those who work in heater, boilers and welding plants etc.


Quality Control:

we are exceptionally much cognizant almost the quality, and that’s why this office plays exceptionally vital part in our success-we have twenty quality cognizant people looking after the office. They check each and each glove by all means-and rejects any minor blame or check the glove in the event that repairable without mutilating the shape, plan or quality.

Planning And Research:

This division is seldom found among the competitors. But we feel critical require of this division to grow our showcase all through the world. We have exceedingly paid ten people testing distinctive plans to move forward quality, life and diminish the cost of the products.

Packing Department:

Usually exporters hire packers services, but we have a team of ten skilled labours packing gloves resisting different weathers facing during transit.